The Caroline Pags Gallery is very pleased and thankful to be supported by:

La Ptillante
Champagne & French wines
Goethe-Institut Lisboa
Hotel da Estrela
O Quotidiano
Managing lives
International art transportation
International transportation

Violeta no Bairro
Flowers for the gallery openings
Restaurant Cervejaria da Esquina
Chef Vtor Sobral
Fora Motriz
Wines for the gallery openings
French pastry and bakery
Quinta de Chocapalha
Wines for the gallery openings
Caves do Solar de So Domingos, S.A.
Wines and Sparkling wines for the openings

FitaPreta Vinhos
(Fitapreta, Preta, Sexy & Palpite wines)
Gallery openings
Vinhos Ramos Pinto
Opening Pedro Cabrita Reis
Champagne Roederer
Opening Pedro Cabrita Reis
Garrafeira de Campo de Ourique
Wines for the gallery openings

Gamut Lda.
Photography Lab.
Bairro Alto, Lisboa
21 192 44 44

International art transportation

Duarte Taquenho Catering
Gallery dinners and openings
T (+351) 309 955 956
M (+351) 91 979 83 76

Hiscox Portgual
Artworks insurance company

C. B. Arago Photography
Gallery exhibition views

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